At Janapriya we are very innovative. Self-performing Construction has been our core strength from inception in July 1995. We have many firsts when it comes to technology in construction. We introduce technology in ways that our Homes get more space and look aesthetically pleasing to the naked eye. The benefits of technology are Standardisation without relying solely on human skillsets, Timely delivery, reduction in people needed for construction from labour to managerial staff and most importantly consistent Quality.


All our building are designed with most of the concrete walls going way in to the foundations. Such walls are called Shear Walls. Shear walls allow for greater resistance against earth quakes. Having the building designed with concrete walls removes the existence of columns and beams directly increasing the space in your rooms may it be your living rooms, Bed rooms or kitchens. You will no longer have readjust your sofa because the side table won’t fit as there is a column protrusion in the corner of your room. This additional space is 3% higher than your normal space but feels like much more when you see all the furniture you can fit in.


We own most of the German formwork that we build with. We have started using this technology since 2008 onwards and delivered more than 6000 units using this method. No Developer has ventured into owning equipment the way we did. The use of these systems gives us great flexibility in deployment of formwork, speed up building delivery whenever needed. Our formwork allows us to build any configuration of flat without relying on the manufacturing unlike rigid formwork systems. Furthermore we have the wherewithal to go as tall as possible with his technology. We have already built more than 45m tall building using this technology and are now on the way to build up to 120m tall structures.


Janapriya is the first to build in Precast technology with machinery bought from Finland in 2008 or 2010. We own a precast plant that deliver factory made walls lifted with heavy cranes on site to its location. We have built the first 10 floor building in the country using Precast. We have built 2000 units high end villas namely Janapriya Silver crest using precast. The quality that can be managed in a controlled factory like environment is impeccable and the same is reflected in the projects where we have used Precast.

Structural Load Distribution

Point Load Distribution

Conventional Construction

with concrete columns & brick walls

In point-load structures the concrete columns and beams bear all the weight, while the non-load bearing brick walls do not contribute to the structural stability.

Uniform Load Distribution

Cast-in-Situ or Precast Construction

with concrete shear walls

In uniform-load bearing structures the weight is distributed uniformly throughout the concrete shear walls making our homes more stable & enduring.